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Student Planners Are A Must!

Every year I have my students use a planner no matter what grade I teach. Planners help students start working on their organizational skills and is great for school-home communications.

editable student planner Terri's Teaching Treasures

I was going to show you the editable planner I made for this year with pictures but I thought I would try something new and make a video. Please be kind, as it is my first video. I tried REALLY hard to not shake my phone while I recorded the video.  I am not sure why it is so narrow but I will be doing some research to find out why. 


The student planner is updated every year  so once you have purchased it you can use it for many, many years at no extra cost! 

Now for some specifics on other things included. There are a variety of reference pages you can include in your planners.


 Here are reference pages if you are in the United States. For the Math reference pages you can choose between have a 100s chart or a 120s chart!


Canadian reference pages are also included if you live in Canada!


If you teach intermediate grades there is also a page with a multiplication table!

I have included a variety of calendar options. There are the weekly planner pages, along with monthly calendars that are helpful for planning. Also included is a year at a glance calendar to see the bigger picture of the entire year. 

editable student planner calendar options Terri's Teaching Treasures

The monthly calendars are spread over 2 pages to make the boxes bigger so you can add your class and school events. 

monthly calendar option for student planner Terri's Teaching Treasures

I have included 4 different monthly calendar options so you can match them to the cover that you choose.

monthly calendar options for student planner Terri's Teaching Treasures


If you like to have your students record the learning objectives you are focusing on or if you want to do it yourself, there are 3 editable pages, each in color or black line, to choose from. 


Do you have your students complete a reading log? There are pages for that too!!! 

In the video I mentioned that there were a few planner covers to choose from…here they are. Each one is editable and can have student names added or any other info you want on the front. 

editable planner cover options for student planner Terri's Teaching Treasures

If you would like a copy of my student planner, check it out here.

I would love to hear if you have other ways you help your students hone their organizational skills or if there is anything else you would like me to add to this planner. Since the dates are updated every year I like to add more features as I edit.


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