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Seeing Dots

I just realized the other day that it seems like dots are my new chevron. The last few things I have made for my classroom and most of the bulleting boards I created for back to school all have polka dots on them.

Here’s the proof:

I saw somewhere (please let me know if this was your idea and I will give you the credit.) the idea of taking a Pringles container and turning it into a ruler holder. It was super easy. All I did was chose my scrapbooking paper (yup polka dots) and then cut it to size. I then taped along the top and bottom of the container and down the seam at the back, pressed on the scrapbooking paper and voila….a cute ruler container !!! My son was very excited when I came home with Pringles and told him he had to help me eat them so I could make something for my classroom. I am sure he thinks this is the best thing in my classroom and that I should make one as a gift for EVERY teacher in the school !

Polka dots can be found on my bulletin boards and coat hook labels.

My Behavior Management Clip Chart and my Marzano Scale of Understanding are also in polka dots. ( I will get pictures of them in my classroom and post them here.)

All my bins that store duotangs and notebooks have polka dot labels and my labels for my classroom library are also polka dotted.

This picture is from my classroom last year, but I am using the same bins and labels this year.

The polka dots I am the most excited about right now are the ones on my teacher bag. I spent a week on Vancouver Island this summer and when I was visiting my mom on Gabriola Island I found this bag at a cute little shop. I had to have it immediately ! I love that it stands open so I can just plop my stuff in it. The lady at the shop told me it was a beach bag but that didn’t matter to me because

I knew it was perfect for teaching.

With all these polka dots I might have to invest in some polka dot books for my kiddos to read !!!


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