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Creating a Teacher Toolbox

I cannot remember if I have raved about the teacher toolboxes which are all over Pinterest  but I am sure I have. Well I received my toolbox from Amazon and finally finished it! I am so in love with it and cannot wait until I can get it into my classroom. I am going in tomorrow to start setting up even though we still have 2 weeks off.

Teacher Toolbox how to Terri's Teaching Treasures

So here is what I did to make it…

When I ordered it all they had was grey ones. (Now they have black one
) It took me awhile to decide if this was the one I really wanted but I was stuck on the layout of the drawers so I went ahead and ordered it.

I bought some spray paint that is made for plastics and painted it black. Krylon Fusion For Plastic to be exact.

I then made the labels to match my classroom colors, using a turquoise and lime green zebra print. Once the labels were finished I printed them on card stock and put them in each drawer. To make sure they will stay in place I used a wee bit of tape to secure them. 

I decided that I wanted it a little more fancy than just the plain black top so I took 3 strips of ribbon and attached them around the outside. Voila ! It is done and ready to use:)

Here is a close up of the draws for you to see. I have created an editable PowerPoint file if you want to get these labels and customize them to your needs. To get the labels for only $2 and save yourself some time click here.

Stay tuned for pictures of my completely set up classroom.

Update: I have recently had a few requests for some different designed labels for the teacher tool box so of course I made them.

Here are other designs you can get for your tool box 🙂 

Blue, Yellow, and Grey Chevron

Purple, Orange, and Green Polka Dots 

Bright Neon Dots 

Primary Blue, Yellow, and Green Polka Dots

Red and Black Dots  

Red, White, and Blue Dots and Stripes

Red and Black Dots and Stripes

Turquoise Leopard Print

If there is another color combo or design you would like please send me an email at terristeachingtreasures@gmail.com

Update June 2019: I am still so in love with my teacher toolbox. It helps keep be organized and it saves me a ton of time because I am not having to search everywhere for supplies or trying to pick the small paper clips out of the large ones. 

I no longer have kids asking me for band aids! They know where they are and get one when they need it. The band aids are the only reason they are allowed to go in the drawers. 



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  1. Ah! I just bought a 7-drawer plastic storage set a few weeks ago and really don't want it white. I forgot all about spray paint!

    1. After painting mine I now want to paint EVERYTHING. I was thinking today how I could convince my school district to let me paint the shelves in my classroom:)

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