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Math Center Organization

Let me help you organize your math centers

I spent MANY years scrambling to get math centers ready or digging through drawers for a center I just knew I had somewhere. I don’t want you to go through this so I am going to share with you how I now organize my math centers (and give you FREE labels). Now it takes me only a few minutes to completely switch out my centers. Math center storage ideas

I couple years ago I came across these Sterilite storage bins and I immediately knew they would be perfect for my math centers.Third Grade math centers in storage bins

I didn’t just want to label them “Math Centers” and continue having to dig through each container. Now I have 1-2 containers per math concept that goes with my curriculum. multiplication math center in storage bagThe large containers hold large Ziploc bags perfectly. Depending on what supplies are included in your center, they can hold all the centers for each concept.

I store the containers in my classroom cupboards where I can quickly grab them when needed. math center bins stored in cupboard with free labelsWhen I am wanting to change my centers for students I can grab the desired concept container and go to the drawers I have for my students to access. 

Math center storage pictureA few years ago I discovered these Trofast drawers from Ikea and fell in LOVE!!! Not only do they match my classroom colors, they are super sturdy. Math center bins for student use Terri's Teaching Treasures

free labels

To make this easier for you to set up, I have created a FREE file for you which includes labels for the Sterilite containers. 

The file includes:

  • pre-made labels for the length of the container
  • pre-made labels for the width of the container
  • customizable labels for both. 

I have created the labels for both the length and the width allowing more flexibility on how the bins are stored. 

container purchasing tip:

The price on the Sterilite containers varies greatly. I have seen them mostly at around $35 Canadian but they vary in price to $60 Canadian.

I put them on my wish list and watch for when they go the cheaper prices. That is when I buy them. Who wants to pay $25 more than they have to? Not me. 

getting started with a free math center

If you are just getting started with math centers or want to add to your collection, here is a free one that focuses on multiplication facts and multi-digit subtraction. Soccer themed multiplication and subtraction math center free Terri's Teaching Treasures

These math centers are perfect for 2nd – 4th grade.


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