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It is beginning to look a lot like SUMMER!!!!

It has been quite a while since I posted on my blog. Yikes….I feel like I am neglecting my baby.

Okay what I have I been up to that has kept me from blogging…

  1. Graduating !!!!! I went to Spokane and walked across the stage at Gonzaga university for my Masters in Administration and Leadership.
  2.  Starting a new course for my masters….huh you say….didn’t I just
    mention that I went to my graduation… YUP I did and now I have to
    finish my last semester of courses. If I waited until I finished this
    semester to go to grad I would have to wait until next May and that is
    too long for me to wait. I couldn’t possibly wait that long ot go to the
    States and shoe shop now could I. 
  3. Being a soccer mom. I love this job. My son is on 2 soccer teams and he is reffing so we are constantly at the soccer field. I cannot be one of those people at the field and working on a computer. I love watching my son play too much for that nonsense (sorry if you are one of these people).
  4. Teaching….well I don’t have to explain how time consuming this is to you, you already know.
  5. Well #5 has too much to list because it all involves everyday life like grocery shopping and laundry.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you a couple of things we have been doing in my class this June.

I took my class to a local lake last week and as part of it we did some lake dipping. After seeing the critters my kiddos pulled out of the lake I am not sure I want to go in there again. There were 2 particularly weird critters that had us doing some internet research. One of my girls found a cool looking stick type bug. Well it turns out this is exactly what it was…. a water stick insect …YUCK but soooo cool all at once. 

Here is a picture of the second weird critter. This is the one that I am particularly creeped out about. After some research we discovered that it is a Horsehair Worm. When my student saw it in the water and showed me I thought it was a piece of wire. He thought he would get it out of the lake and low and behold when he had it in his net it started to move.

This is one of my brave parent volunteers holding the worm.

To our surprise we found 2 more of them. Here they all are coiling themselves into knots in our critter holders. 

I also took my class to Barkerville. Barkerville is a historic sight that was a booming gold rush town that put B.C. on the map.

While we were there we had the chance to watch a funny skit by these two gentlemen. It was all about how gold was mined using this water wheel. The man in the bucket was HILARIOUS.

It was a great day for my kiddos and they bought way too much candy at the candy store. Oh well they all had a blast and that is what it is all about. Making memories.


 Here is our little friend who met us while we were eating lunch. He is a ground squirrel and was so friendly. This is one of my students petting him while he ate something. SHHH don’t tell anyone. I don’t think we were suppose to feed them.

I love end of the year trips. They are such a great way to bring all the kids and their parents together one last time before summer.

Well I am off to enjoy the sun before dinner.


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