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Hundreds Chart Puzzle Freebie

We are still not back into our classrooms. I just finished my 5th week (2 in June, 1 in August, 2 in September) on the picket line 🙁 Since we are not back at work I have had extra time to get things ready. Well what I can do with the stuff I have at home.  

I have been meaning to make some hundreds chart puzzles for awhile now and finally got around to it. 

To make the puzzles I printed the hundreds chart below on to coloured card stock and then laminated them. I taped the label to the Ziploc bag and then cut up the chart to make puzzle pieces.  The labels will match the colour of the puzzle pieces making it easy to organize if they get mixed up !!!!


To get a free copy of the 100s chart puzzle page just click on the picture.

Want More?

I took this hundreds chart from my huge bundle of 73 different hundreds charts. There are charts for numbers 1-1000. There are not only completed charts but charts with numbers missing so students can practice filling in the blanks. There are charts for skip counting to 100 by 2, 5, and 10, as well. Click here to get all these charts.



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