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Free Shark Themed Multiplication Activities

Are you looking for an engaging multiplication activities to practice facts with?

I bet your students love sharks as much as mine do!

I have combined sharks and multiplication to create a fun, FREE way for my students to practice their multiplication facts and I am sharing it with you. 

Students learn multiplication facts quicker when they have hands on, interactive activities to do. I get my students’ minds working with these fun multiplication activities.

All they will need is a pencil, scissors, glue, and a curiosity for riddles!


here are the details!

The first activity, will have your students solving a shark themed riddle. They will answer multiplication facts to get the answer to the riddle.

The second activity is more hands on. Students will sort multiplication facts, identifying if they are true or false. This is where the scissors and glue come in.


different uses

  • Put the cut and paste multiplication activity in a math center. Photocopy one page for each student. Another option is to cut out and laminate the sorting multiplication facts. Place the True and False page in a protector sheet and have students sort on the mat. They will put the pieces away (mixed up) for the next student.
  • Use the worksheets as a whole class activity after your students have learned the multiplication concept. These multiplication activities make great practice activities.

Answer keys are provided so you can easily mark the pages. The answer keys are easy to read for student use so you can have them mark their own work if that is better for you. 

will the multiplication activities work for your students?

These printables are great for any student who is beginning to learn their multiplication facts. Ideal for 2nd grade and 3rd grade students. If you have 4th grade and 5th grade students who need extra practice with multiplication facts, they will enjoy these activities also.

how do you get a free copy?

To get your FREE copy today just click on any of the pictures or right here.


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