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Free Back To School Word Search

Are you looking for FREE ways to engage your students at the beginning of the school year?

Some much is going on at the beginning of a new school year. Setting up routines, going over expectations, gathering information, and so much more. 

Free back to school word search sitting on a desk with school supplies. Terri's Teaching Treasures

All of these bring moments where you need to have your students working on an engaging activity that frees you up to gather paperwork, organize supplies, or even chat one-on-one with students.

One of the ways I like to engage my students at back to school time is to challenge them with a MEGA word search!

Yes, you read that right a MEGA word search. This free word search has 100 school related words. 

hand highlighting words on back to school word search. 100 words are in the free word search

Don’t students get overwhelmed with so many words to find?

Absolutely not. I turn this one page activity into a challenge. Who doesn’t love a challenge?

My students always love a challenge so I turn this into a competition by setting a timer and seeing who can
find the most words in 20 minutes
(or however much time I need). Of course the time can be adjusted for your

If I remember, I will write the winning number “some where safe” so I
have the option of giving them the challenge to beat last year’s class winner.
This is a real motivator! 

Still need more motivation?

Ok, I have you covered. My students also LOVE to spot words that
are not on the given word list. They always get so excited to share with me the
words they have found. For this reason I threw in a few extra words.

if your students mention any of these words to you. The list is on the teaching tips page included in the download. 

Want Printing Options?

I have designed this back to school word search to print on 11″x17″ ledger paper (because who doesn’t enjoy a giant word search) but it can easily be resized. 

In the downloaded file I have tips on how you can alter the printing sizes base don your students’ needs. 

Going Digital?

If you are looking for a FREE digital activity, I’ve added that also. Included in the download is a link to get a Google Slides copy of the word search.

ipad with free word search from Terri's Teaching Treasures

The Google Slide has been set up with all the instructions and movable elements that are needed to make this an interactive experience for your students. 

Students can complete this at school, at home, or anywhere with Internet access. Any device that can access Google Slides or Google Classroom can be used ! 

laptop with free back to school word search from Terri's Teaching Treasures

The Google Slides file can be sent to individual students or sent to a group of them if you want multiple students working on the same word search. 

You have waited long enough!

Click to get your FREE copy now! 


P.S. I would love to hear if your student found any of the extra words. Let me know in the comments 🙂 

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