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Free 2023-2024 School Calendar

Are you starting to plan for Back to School?

The summer is the time that I start getting organized for the upcoming school year. The very first thing I do is print off a school year calendar and start planning when I will teach what, based on the school year events/holidays. 

There are definitely some concepts I don’t want to cover (like division or anything with regrouping) when it is a busy time in the school and my students are not completely focused. Because of this I put all known holidays/big events in the calendar and then I start planning. 

Where do I find my calendar templates?

I’ve got you covered! Every year I update my calendar to print off and I am giving it to you all for FREE! Yup, FREE! Check it out now.  (keep reading to find the link)

Each page has a full month and the spaces are large enough to add lots of text! The calendars go from August 2023 to July 2024.

Each page also has a clip art image that is small enough not to use all your computer ink, but big enough to add some flair to your month.

Other ways to use the calendar:

  • Use it for yourself to take to staff  or team meetings and schedule all your events and meetings.
  • Attach it to your classroom newsletter with important events filled in.
  • Fill it out with daily homework tasks for students.
  • Students can use it to record their daily home reading.
  • Display it in the hallway as a place for parents to sign up to volunteer in the classroom.
  • Use as a student behavior chart.

This year I had a whole new use for this calendar. I won’t get into too many details but here is the story.

Parent Communication Option:

A parent kept complaining that her daughter was being picked on at recess and lunch. I was confused because when I talked to the student, everything was fine. I am not sure why she was saying one thing to her mom and another to me (that doesn’t really matter here) but something needed to change. 

During a conversation with the mom, we decided together that I would do check ins with her daughter after every break she was with other kids. So that meant first thing in the morning and after recess and lunch. 

I needed somewhere to record these check ins that would be easy for me to track and quick to see any incidents. This calendar was the place.

I divided each day into 3 sections (morning, recess, and lunch). If the student reported that everything was fine I put an X on that section. If something happened, I put a ✔ and explained on the back. 

This was great because the mom could see that things were not actually happening to her daughter at home. Both her and I noticed that the student stopped telling her mom incidents were happening when she knew we were both communicating about it. Win-Win!

There are many ways to use a calendar in a classroom. Let me know in the comments if you use them in any other way.

How do I get a copy?

Click on any picture or here to get your FREE copy. Just print them out and you are ready to go. 

Happy planning! 


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More PLanning Tools!

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