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Currently July 2015!

Ahhh summer time. I always have such a big to do list in the summer and I never get to everything I want to do. This year may be different!

To start I have made a goal to do all of Farley’s Currently posts! Here is the first one πŸ™‚


My new favourite song is House of Cards by Tyler Shaw. I probably listen to it 10 times a day!

Loving: It has been awhile since I have seen my mom and WAY longer since she has been here to visit. Now that we have a house with a guest room she has plenty of space to stay in. She is coming for a couple weeks and is bringing one of my nieces and nephews with her. Exciting! She will get to see my son play soccer and we will get to do a puzzle together (our thing).

Thinking: I decided this summer my main focus would be getting in shape. I have decided to alternate days between cardio and strength exercises. Today I am working on core strength and I know I will be sore tomorrow.

Wanting: I was super excited (almost too excited) when I saw the latest 50 Shades book, Grey!!!!! It is keeping me up past my bedtime but I cannot put the book down. If only the world would stop until I finish the book.


Needing: Like I said, Mom is coming for a visit and her room isn’t ready. We are STILL waiting for our contractor to finish our master bathroom/bedroom so we are STILL staying in one of the spare rooms. Hopefully the contractor will get done this week so I can move everything over on the weekend.

All Star: This one was tough for me to think of so I went with a funny one. I am soooo slow in the mornings. It is almost and art how slow I am. I wake up at 5 to leave by 8am. Nope no workout just shower, slowness, hair, slowness, makeup, slowness, coffee, slowness, checking social media, and more slowness. I have tried waking up later and being quicker but it doesn’t work.

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  1. I am guessing you recommend "Grey" then? I was debating on whether to not to read because I've heard mixed reviews! I suppose I'll have to check it out πŸ™‚ Have fun with your mom!

  2. I am also an All Star at moving slowly in the mornings! I am STILL waking up at 6:30/7 everyday but I sit there in bed with my coffee for a good hr before I can do anything productive. That's what Summers are for, right!? πŸ™‚

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