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A Little Bit More – Day 2

I popped into the school again today to get a little bit more setup in my room. Once again I did more talking than I wanted to so progress was slow. I think I need to go in after 10pm to avoid talking to people 🙂 

So here is a little of what I did today…

Here is my Boggle board. I have to admit I think I spent way too much time making this. I had my iPod out and I was using the level to make sure things were straight. It is in the middle of a wall so I didn’t have close edges to line up with. Hmmm I just noticed my title isn’t spaced properly. I will have to fix that.

 A close up of the border. Bulletin board trimmer, duct tape, and ribbon made the perfect border!

 A close up of the letters that will be changed each week. I laminated them so I could stick them on with that blue putty stuff for hanging posters.

I got the letters from Rebecca at Create, Teach, Share. I was going to make my own worksheet for students to write their answers on but Rebecca has a perfect one. Why mess with perfection?!

* I just found some more Boggle recording sheets and these ones have a place for keeping a score. These would be good if you are having a competition or having kids graph their scores. Get them from Tracy here.While you are at it why not check out her blog, Creekside Teacher Tales!

Here is the main wall in my classroom that students face for lessons. Please ignore the mess on the desks. I wanted to show you the color blocking I am doing. I am amazed that it wasn’t until I did this that I truly noticed my Smartboard wasn’t centered. Last year the entire bulletin board was the same color so it wasn’t as noticeable. WHO puts up a Smartboard and doesn’t center it? I hope it doesn’t bug me too much.

My favorite bulletin board so far. In person it looks way better. Don’t tell anyone else this but I stood and stared at it for awhile 🙂 At the bottom is my teacher toolbox which matches so nicely. See previous post about the toolbox here.

I don’t have anything on my boards yet but you will have to wait until the final reveal to see them completely finished.

I am still waiting for my Really Good Stuff book baskets so I cannot show you any pictures of my classroom library but I did start organizing the books into genre groupings. They are all over the floor right now.

I only have another week before we are back to school and I am leaving for a short trip on Thursday, so the final reveal will be soon.

If you are back at school I hope things are going smoothly and if you are still on summer break, relax a little more.


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