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Classroom Set Up Day 1

Yay, I finally went into my classroom to start setting up today. My dining room was starting to get overtaken by stuff that I had to bring to the school so I thought it was time to head into the class. This is the first year I have taken any pictures of the set up process so we will see how it goes.

This was the view when I first walked into the room. Wow, it is very beige and this picture really shows the dirty (stinky) carpet.

My son and I immediately opened the windows to air it out and then went searching for more desks and chairs.

This is my helper for the day! My 11 year old son, Parker. He was such a trooper and only asked to go on the computer 2 times.

Just before we left I took a few more pictures. Not too many though because I have a looonngg way to go still.

The desks are set up close to where they will be. I like to start my class of in rows until I get to know all the names and then they are in groups and other configurations. We do so many group/partner activities that it is easier to not have them in rows. It saves time moving desks.

Not sure if I am going to keep my math manipulative drawers here in the corner but for now it works.

My first pom pom flower to be hung up!!!!!!!!!

This is the view of my back sink counter. Yup a mess. Can you see my turquoise hand vacuum? I was so excited to find one that will match my class colors.

I am not sure who gave me the idea to decorate the ugly, grey filing cabinets but it was someone in blogger land. I found the green place mats for cheap at Jysk and added magnets to the back to hang them.

A close up of the backpack hook numbers I made.

This area will be my reading area. I am still waiting to get my baskets from Really Good Stuff so I can bring the rest of my books and start organizing.

I didn’t get any bulletin boards done today and hope to start them tomorrow. Like I said I have a lot of work to do still. Stay tuned for more pictures of my adventures in setting up my classroom.


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  1. My dining room … my basement … my living room … it's taking over everything! My friend called me yesterday and said she was heading out to school. She wanted to know if I wanted her to bring me home anything. I told her I think I brought EVERYthing home already. Great start, Terri! (I keep my desks in rows at the beginning, too … and last year I had to keep it that way).

    Runde's Room

  2. Thanks for posting!! I always love the transformation that takes place!! Can't wait to see the rest!!
    Classy Classroom

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