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Chalk Winter Art

A couple weeks ago I was looking for a quick art project for my class to complete. I cannot remember where I saw a picture of a winter scene done on black paper with chalk, but it was likely Pinterest. After searching town for white chalk (our school only had yellow) and finding some, I decided this was the art project for my class.

winter chalk art step by step instructions Terri's Teaching Treasures

I tried 2 methods, one where everything was done on one piece of black construction paper and another using 2 pieces. I decided that I liked the crisp edge of drawing an oval on one piece of paper, drawing the winter scene, and then cutting it out. When I had created it all on once page the edge between the scene and the framing was too messy looking for my liking. 

Supplies needed:

2 pieces of black construction paper per student

1 piece of white chalk per student 


glue stick

Step 1: Draw an oval shape on one of the pieces of paper. Inside the oval draw a winter scene (we stuck to snow and trees) using the chalk.

Step 2: Cut out the oval shape just inside the white oval outline. This makes it so that when glued to the background page there will be a nice crisp shape to the oval. 

Step 3: On the second piece of paper, use the chalk to create a background frame. Some students may choose to blend the chalk, others may like the bolder look of not blending.

 Step 4: Glue the oval winter scene in the center of the background page.

Step 5: This was the hardest for us… Find something to sign your name with that will show up on the page. Usually we sign our names in white on black paper but because of the white chalk the names were not showing up. We found some metallic pens that worked great.   

That’s all there is to this project. I just LOVE how they all turned out and my students were proud of their work. They were surprised that they could make such beautiful art in such a short time. The entire project (including my explanation and stapling the art on the bulletin board) took no more than 40 minutes. 

I am always looking for more art ideas, so if you have a blog post or a Pinterest board with art I would love for you to leave a link in the comments. Please also add what grade level the art would be best for.


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  1. I have never thought that with the help of a chalk, you can create such beautiful artworks. These incredible pictures are worth applauds.

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