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Boom Cards in the Classroom

Using boom cards in the classroom

How I use Boom Learning with my students

I use technology in both my guided reading and guided math rotations and I wanted to share with you one of the sites I use … Boom Learning.

It is my students favourite site to go to because there are many options for them!

They choose the deck they want that goes with the subject (Math or ELA) they are to be focused on.

The Benefits of Boom Learning

Boom Learning is a digital learning platform that provides interactive and engaging activities for your students. I have used them for a few years now and wanted to share the benefits with you!

Top 5 Reasons I love Boom Cards:

1) Engaging and Interactive: Boom Learning activities are highly interactive and engaging. They often include animations, sounds, and game-like elements that make learning fun. Students feel like they are playing a game because they get to collect gems as they complete decks (card sets).

2) Data-driven: Boom Cards often come with built-in tracking features, allowing teachers to monitor students’ progress and performance. This information can help teachers identify areas of strength and areas that may require additional support or instruction.

Teachers can click on a student’s name and a deck they want data for. The report will show you which cards they got correct, how many times they tried a deck, as well as how quickly they were able to answer the questions.

This is an image of only one report view. There are more that you can use for each student or you can have a whole class view on a specific deck (see next picture).

3) Immediate feedback for students: Boom Cards provide immediate feedback to students, allowing them to know whether their answers are correct or incorrect. This instant feedback helps students identify and correct mistakes promptly, promoting a deeper understanding of concepts.

3) Differentiation: Boom Cards offer the ability to differentiate instruction to meet students’ diverse needs. Teachers can create or select Boom Cards at various difficulty levels, allowing them to provide personalized learning experiences for individual students or groups. You know your students best and picking individual decks is an easy way to meet them where they are at.

4) Easy to use: There is nothing worse than trying to use a new platform with students and things are clunky and have way too many steps. Not Boom Learning! Boom Learning is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Both teachers and students can quickly learn how to use the platform, which reduces the learning curve and allows for more time spent on actual learning.

5) Self-paced: This brings us to the last of my top 5 reasons I love Boom Learning! Boom Cards can be used for self-paced learning. Students can work independently through a set of Boom Cards, moving along at their own pace. This flexibility allows students to take ownership of their learning and work at a speed that suits their individual needs. No more frustration because things are moving too fast or slow.

Even more reasons to love boom cards:

Customizable: Teachers can create their own activities or use pre-made decks from the Boom Learning marketplace (or ones they find on TpT). Teachers get a high level of customization and flexibility in lesson planning.

Accessibility: Boom Cards can be accessed on various devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. This accessibility makes them convenient for both in-classroom and home learning situations. Anything that can connect to the internet can get you and your students to Boom Learning!

Time Saving for Teachers: Boom Cards can save teachers time by automating certain tasks. For instance, the immediate feedback and progress tracking features reduce the need for the teacher to physically grade and track each student’s progress. Teachers can focus more on providing individualized support and instruction to students.

Variety of Subjects and Topics: Boom Cards cover a wide range of subjects and topics across different grade levels. Do your students need practice with math, language arts, science, or social studies? Boom Learning has all of these and more. It is my go to place to find interactive French as a Second Language decks!

Easy to Share: Teachers can give students access to decks in 2 ways. The first way (I find this way most useful) is by setting up a classroom and then assigning students decks there. Students will log into their own profile and see all assigned decks and their progress. This is where teachers can gather data.

OR … You can assign students a Fast Play link (fast pin). This will give them a pin code to enter and it will take them directly to a deck you chose. This is great if you have more then 5 students with the free membership (see below) or you just want a quick practice. Display the pin code or send it in an email/Google Classroom.

Cost Effective: Boom Cards often offer affordable options for teachers. There are tons of free resources available, but even the paid resources are reasonably priced compared to many other digital platforms.

I HIGHLY recommend starting with the FREE starter membership (remember you can use FastPlay if you have more than 5 students — we all do!) and then moving to Essential if you want more reports with all your students.

Here is a referral link for you!!!! I do earn some points when you sign up using this link. If you aren’t comfortable with that, no problem. I just want teachers to check it out no matter how they get there 😉

Overall, Boom Cards provide an interactive, engaging, and flexible learning experience that can enhance student participation, differentiate instruction, and streamline teaching tasks.

Trust me when I say your students will be BEGGING you to go on Boom Learning. They get so excited when I tell them I have given them a new deck!

Here are some Of the Boom Decks I have Made!

Other Places to Get Boom Decks

I actually prefer to get all my Boom Decks on Teachers Pay Teachers because then I can earn feedback credit to buy more! If you are like me all you have to do is click the link below to get to all my Boom Decks on TpT.

You will get a pdf with a link to your new Boom Deck. Easy Peasy!

I would love to read in the comments your thoughts on Boom Learning or if there are any new decks you would like me to create (to save you time!).

I would love to read in the comments your thoughts on Boom Learning or if there are any new decks you would like me to create (to save you time!).

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