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And We All Turned Into Turkeys!

Our Thanksgiving is over here and so are our Thanksgiving themed activities. This year I had student turn themselves into turkeys. Well not literally 🙂

While I was procrastinating on Facebook I saw a post by Mrs. Beattie with this activity for Thanksgiving and I knew my class would love it.

I started by reading them this humorous book. The turkeys are quite the partiers. 


After we read the story we talked about what it would be like to be a turkey at Thanksgiving. We created this anchor chart to help with writing time. They were pretty creative.

Now it was time to get to turning ourselves into turkeys. My criteria for the turkeys was that the feathers must be in a pattern (we were working on patterns in math) and they need to do their best colouring. While students were happily colouring their turkeys, I was taking their pictures. I wish I could show you the turkeys with their little faces. They are super cute, especially those who are missing their front teeth and smiled to show it. Toothless grins are the cutest.

After the turkeys were completed, students started working on their writing. This was our first major writing project so it took a bit to get them to write more than a few sentences. A goal for this year is to write multiple paragraphs!

After the first day working on this project I got the flu and 3 Teacher on Calls had to finish with my class (Our district is short on Teachers on Call and that was why I had a different one each day). My standards are a little higher so the printing wasn’t as neat as I wanted and there were some responses I wouldn’t have allowed but I was so sick (3 days away) I didn’t care at the time.

To get the template for this activity, visit Mrs. Beattie’s store here.

My students also had fun completing my Thanksgiving Syllable Sort literacy center.


 Now it is time to pack it all away and gear up for Halloween!!!!


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