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St. Patrick’s Day Multiplication Centers

I love changing up my Math centers to match the upcoming holidays. Even though students are practice skills they are familiar with, there is something about a holiday themed center that instantly gets them engaged. 

I recently completed math centers for multi-digit multiplication that will be part of my math centers this week.

I (like most classrooms) have to have differentiated activities because my students levels of understanding are spread so far apart. One activity rarely works for my entire class. Because (I know you shouldn’t start a sentence with “because” … lol) of this each of these centers has a differentiation option where either numbers are below and above 20 and/or there is a choice in the number of questions.

 Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of these math centers is how bright and cheery they are. We still have a ton of snow here (I think Mother Nature is confused this year) and we could use all the brightness out there. 

Each center also comes with a colored version AND a black line master copy so you can print on colored paper. This is a great ink saving option!

My students usually need a place to work through their equations and they usually do this on our mini whiteboards. I decided to switch things up for these centers and create some work mats ( I also included recording pages like I do with all my centers). I have printed the work mats and placed them in page protectors. Students will use whiteboard markers to write on the page protector and then they can erase their work when they move on to the next equation. This is a simple way to add engagement and student interest. 

The centers can be done as independent work (except the board game) or with a partner!

Included are 3 main multiplication centers (all focused on 2 digit x 2 digit equations) and these 3 templates can be broken up into 9….yes 9 different math centers!!!! 


If you want to check out these math centers more just click here or on the picture above.

If you are interested in any particular concept/theme for math centers please leave a comment below and I will see what I can do. Using math centers in my classroom makes me happy and I am always looking for new ones to create!



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