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Duck Dynasty Place Value Activities

Okay so some of you may have had wild fun last night but me… I stayed home and did some planning, printing, cutting, and laminating….WAHOO fun I know. We are wrapping up our place value unit and I wanted my kiddos to have some fun activities to explore on Monday so I finally got around to getting my Duck Dynasty place value stuff ready !!! 

My students are going to love it and that’s a fact, Jack 🙂

Here is what I got ready for them:

This is the activity I am most excited for. I am not sure why probably just because of my task card obsession.

There are 32 task cards students will work through and then when they are done they will get a Duck Dynasty bookmark to color (included with the set). It took a bit of time to print, cut, laminate, and then cut again but I know my students will have fun with them so it is well worth the time.

Look at them all…oohhh so much fun!!!!

 I have already printed and cut these concentration cards but I thought I would mention them here because they are FREE in my store!!!

A tip if you are printing multiple copies for your class is to print the black and white version on different colored card stock. This will make it easy to keep the sets separated if for some reason they get mixed up. It will also help if one gets dropped on the floor or left out of clean up. It will be easy to find the set it belongs to because of its color.

Here is a whole class activity that I will be using on Monday. It is an I Have Who Has game. There are 2 versions (numbers to hundreds and numbers to thousands). We will be starting with the hundreds set and then making our way to the thousands set.

The last Duck Dynasty activity I have (for now) is a file folder game. Students draw number cards and try to build the largest or smallest number and the winner of the round gets a duck point. At the end of the playing time the student with the most duck points is the winner. This also comes in 2 versions (hundreds and thousands).

Updated March 2019: I have recently created the Duck Wars game that has numbers in the millions so that older students can have math centers for place value. 

Duck Dynasty is all the rave in our town and last year when I would eat snack with my students we would watch some of the episodes on YouTube. Normally I read to my students when they are eating their snack but on the days that I had recess supervision I couldn’t read to them if I wanted a snack also.

Here is our favorite Duck Dynasty clip that we must have watched a thousand times (slight exaggeration).

Now that I have worked hard I might need to take a little nap 😛


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