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New Years 2017 Free Mystery Grid Activity

Most years we don’t really celebrate New Years in school because we usually go back to school around January 9th. This year we go back on the 3rd so we will get to do some New Years activities!!! 

I just updated my mystery grid activity for 2017 so that will be an activity we will definitely do. Last year I taught my students about grid mapping so this will be a nice review (the benefits of teaching the same class 2 years in a row). 


To get your copy just click on the picture.

On another note, as a Christmas treat, my store will be on sale December 25th and 26th! This is a great time to stock up on items for the next few months so while you are grabbing your free mystery grid activity check out some of my other great products 🙂



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  1. The 2017 year was tough enough and full of sudden surprises. I hope that the next year will be more interesting and exciting than the past one.

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