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Low Prep Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we have been working on finishing our Mother’s Day Gifts. There has been a lot going on at our school this year so I didn’t want to go with my usual Mother’s Day gift ideas because they require quite a bit of prep beforehand. While I was shopping at Michael’s with a friend I saw these super cute bird houses for only $1.50 (I later found similar ones at our local dollar store for the same price, or Amazon.com
has some, so no worries if you cannot get to a Micheal’s store) and I immediately went and traded in my basket for a chart. I loaded up 24 of them and was happy with the find. 

Before we started I had a couple students stay in with me at recess and get everything ready. We put all the bird houses on a side table. On the desks we put 2 pieces of paper towel for each student, a variety of paint brushes, a few paint containers, water containers, and a sharpie marker (to put initials on the bottom).


When everyone came in to the classroom we gathered at the carpet area so I could give instructions on what we were doing and then sent  them to the side table a few at a time to pick a bird house to take to their desk. Once everyone was settled at their desks, I went around with the acrylic paints and filled their containers with the colours they wanted. This saves dumping out paint that no one wanted to use.

Now they were set free to paint their birdhouses. We had previously completed a whimsical bird house art project (blog post to come soon) that, I feel, helped them with their creativity. Previously, we talked about not just painting the bird houses all one colour and to be creative with the colours and designs.


This is my little guy who has not participated in many activities since he joined us in January. He was so excited to paint his bird house and wanted his picture taken. I smile every time I see the picture and it helps me reflect on the huge progress that this student has made so far.

Once the bird houses were painted they were placed on the table to dry. I love all the colours. 

Tomorrow we will decorate brown paper lunch bags to be used as the gift bags and we will make Mother’s Day cards.

I will definitely be doing this project again, as it was stress-free and was quick to set up.


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