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Halloween Cats

I think that Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate my classroom for. This week we finished our Halloween cats and I put them on the bulletin board in the hallway. I may be bias but I think it turned out pretty good.

Usually I have a flat tree but this year I wanted to have something with texture and that was more 3-D. To make the tree I just took bulletin board paper and crumpled it up then stapled it to the board. I did the trunk first and then added branches.

After I had the tree ready to go I stapled on the old, rickety fence. I had painted and cut this out a few years back and have been packing it around from school to school. It has many tears and wrinkles in it but I think it adds to the rickety image!

Once the fence was up it was time to add the cats, the moon/bat, and the wording. Whoola (hmm not sure how to spell that…) the finished product!

Here is how we made the cats:

Students picked a cat outline (printed on regular 8.5 x 11 paper) and ONE color for the designs. For the younger kids I have the sections already drawn in but for older (Gr4+) I let them draw the sections in themselves. Some of the older kids might want their sections to go horizontally or diagonally.

My only rules for the designs is they must be with one color, neat, and I want them to try and do a pattern in each section.

To get the outlines click on the pictures here. The Google Doc. includes the outlines with and without lines, as well as the example I show my students.

This is a quick, easy art project that can be completed in one 45 minute block of time. Some students will only need about 30 minutes so have something extra for them to do 🙂

Want to save this post for later? Here is an image to pin to your Pinterest boards. 

Cheers and Happy Halloween,

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