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Halloween Art and Mini Pumpkins

Wow things have been crazy this week. We had our student led conferences on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. The earliest I left the school was 8pm. Thursday I was there until 9pm. It was so worth it though. I was sceptical that student led conferences were the way to go. I had never done them before and at my new school everyone was doing them. Well I succumbed to peer pressure 🙂 and did them also. The week before I kept saying how much work it was and didn’t know if I wanted to invest that much time into conferences.

Well Monday night came and I was able to see how my students took on the task of teaching their parents about our classroom and how they are working. It was fantastic to see how engaged the parents were with their child. I had parents sitting on the carpet playing math games and others trying to figure out how they can get a smartboard for their homes. My students were beaming and the parents were so proud of all they had been doing.

I am sold…student led conferences are the way to go and I will forever (hmmmm forever is a long time) do conferences this way. Do you do student led conferences and what are your thoughts on them?

Since I have been so busy getting ready for the conferences I didn’t have time to post any more pictures of some of our Halloween activities. Here are two words that describe our Halloween…q-tips and oranges!!!

We made Skeletons out of q-tips and my students had a blast. They were way more creative than I thought they would be. One student even made a dog for her skeleton.

 I wanted to give my students treats that were not just sugar so I saw online cute jack-o-lanterns made from oranges. I decided this was perfect and started drawing!!! I think they are very cute, if I say so myself. I almost made them each 2 because I was having so much fun. I think next year I might let them decorate them.


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