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Getting Ready for Back to School – Day 1

This year is a little different for me because I currently hold a Grade 2 position at my school but I want the Grade 4/5 position at my school that will be coming up soon. Long story short — the way postings are done in my district I can no longer just internally transfer into the position and I have to apply for it. Postings go up on Monday (the 24th) so I will have to wait until the end of the week to find out what Grade I will be teaching.

I want to start getting my classroom ready but I don’t know if I should be keeping all my primary stuff or switching it for my intermediate stuff. In the meantime I am going to be organizing stuff that didn’t get done with the rush of last years back to school and the teacher strike. 

Step 1: Make a To Do list 

Step 2: Start working on it …


On the last day of school I organized all the cabinets in my classroom (sorry I didn’t take pictures) so that is done. Now I am on to the storage closet that is outside my room. 

The teacher who was in my classroom, retired and left me a ton of her stuff!!!! I moved schools and didn’t have enough time to completely go through all of her stuff so I just shoved it on the shelves and closed the door…lol 

Yikes look at all that stuff 🙁


After I went through every box (my stuff and the retired teachers) this is what I ended up with 🙂 Ahhh so organized.

There is some stuff left on the middle shelves but that is stuff that I don’t want but isn’t garbage. Hey, someone at the school might want it, just not me.

Step 3: Cross “organize storage room” off my To Do list. 

Step 4: Because I am organizing — give everyone an organization freebie!!!! 

Here are some Monday – Friday labels 

I have this sitting near my desk and it is super helpful!!!


Check back soon for my next post in this series of Getting Ready for Back to School. Next time I tackle the filing cabinet. YIKES!




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