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David Bouchard and Pink Shirt Day = A Great Week

We had a fabulous week this week. It went by so fast but it was packed full of activities.

On Tuesday our school had the honor of an author visit from the AMAZING David Bouchard. I have read his books to my students for years and it was so neat to actually have him come and visit our little school. His visit was broken up into 2 parts (the primary and the intermediate grades) so I only had the chance to see the primary presentation. I told my class that maybe if we sat really quiet and still in the gym then maybe they wouldn’t notice us in there for the second part ๐Ÿ™‚

He played his many instruments, shared some of his life stories, and left students with an important message: TV is no good. Listen to peoples’ stories, especially grandma’s. She knows best and never lies (Grandpa lies just a little so be wary of his tales, especially if they are about fishing!).

We had library the next day and ALL of David’s books were signed out.

On Wednesday, we had the junior high school band come play for us in the morning and we got to dance to songs from Taylor Swift, Star Wars, and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes it was quite a mix of music.

Later that day, we all gathered in the gym again to celebrate Anti-Bullying Day (aka Pink Shirt Day). We watched some great videos. I think the one that had the most impact was this one:

Even though there were no words everyone understood the message loud and clear. We then had a gallery walk so everyone could see the pink shirts or inspirational messages each class created. Here are a few pictures of some of the shirts my kiddos designed.

They are hanging next to one of my favourite classroom posters! 

 To end the assembly, we all sang along to this video:

To top off the excitement we had, students only had a 4 day week. Friday was a Non-Instructional Day and all the schools gathered to talk about the districts Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement and how we can better serve our First Nations students.

Even though it was a fun week, I kind of hope next week will be a little less busy ๐Ÿ™‚


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