Bright Idea Blog Hop #2: Recycling in Art

Yay Another Bright Ideas Blog Hop. I got so many great ideas from the last one!!!!

As soon as I heard about the next bright ideas blog hop my brain started working over time and not on the report cards I should be writing. I was going through all the possible ideas I could think of and the one of my colleagues was mentioning how she had art in the afternoon and needed paint containers but didn’t have any. I knew instantly what my blog post was going to be about.

I am not sure exactly when I had this idea but I know that it has made painting in my classroom a whole lot easier and clutter free. Being a teacher I like to “collect” many old things. Yup you know the saying “a teacher can find use out of someone else’s garbage.” Well that is exactly what I do.

Many of my students bring in lunchables for lunch time and there is SOOOO much garbage. One day I thought there has to be a use for them. Well there is !!! I have my students save them and we use them as paint containers. Genius I know 🙂

Instead of students carefully putting multiple containers of paint on their desk or table and hoping it doesn’t get knocked over all they have is ONE container with multiple paint colors in it. Yay! Less mess. The plastic containers are super easy to clean and stack nicely in the cupboard. I have used both tempera and acrylic paints in the containers and they both wash out easily. I love finding useful tools and even better that this one can be recycled and avoid the landfills for a little longer !

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