I’m Terri Browne the author and creator here at Terri’s Teaching Treasures. I am lucky to have the best family and career ever. I have been teaching for 17 years and have loved every minute of it. I have had the pleasure of teaching every grade from 1-7 and have finally made it to where I want to be for a long time…Grade 4/5. I love it!!!

I have my Bachelors of Education and Masters in Educational Leadership degrees and deeply believe that all students can be successful in the the classroom if we focus on their learning styles and preferences.

My goal is to help teachers enjoy teaching while opening up positive learning experiences for their students. My true passion is in Mathematics and getting all students to see that they can be a Math person!

RaNDom Facts About Me:

1) I LOVE dressing up for Halloween. I live where I don’t get any trick or treaters so school Halloween is all I have. I take advantage of this and get my colleagues planning well in advance. The best costumes have wigs and tutus!

2) I love spending time outdoors with my family. Kayaking, hiking, camping, walking, sitting by a fire, etc. All of it is amazing (well not the mosquitos. Those can go away.)

3) I say the word “AMAZING” way too often! I don’t know why. It just pops out when I am excited.

4) Pickles are my FAVOURITE snack. I will eat them on anything and can be found watching tv with a plate of pickles.

5) I have an obsession with Stationary and giant mugs. Don’t all teachers though? Sticky notes, Sharpies, notebooks, coloured pens, I want it all. My husband rolls his eyes every time I walk past a big mug and pick it up.