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A Bear in War

We read A Bear in War and coloured poppies for our Remembrance Day wreath today. A Bear in War is one of my favourite picture books for talking about Remembrance Day. It is a true story and showcases Canadian history.

After we read the book we visited the website for the Canadian War Museum to see the real Teddy Bear!!!


A Bear in War

What are your go to Remembrance Day activities?


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  1. Hi Terri!
    We read Bear in War too! Thanks for the museum link. I told the kids I'd find it and share it with them. I will be sharing that experience in my Writing Sundays post. Pop by. I'd love to know what you think. Our 2nd grade perspective was probably a little different. 🙂

    The Perks of Teaching Primary

  2. Shelley I will definitely stop by 🙂 I am actually teaching Grade 2/3 this year with the hopes of making it back to 4/5 next year!

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